The trend to towards the post personal computer age gathers pace and I can't help but feel a little apprehensive. For those who have been missing the current bruha here is the short version
  1. For the last few decades owners have been able to control what they put on their computers and how they use them. They could even get code written for their specific need
  2. In the  new world devices are locked down by the vendor. You can only install their operating system, approved applications from their distribution channels and only consume their partners media. Most people will be happy as it will be a simpler stress free experience. So a large market for open personal computers disappears
  3. Governments will increase their control on the information disseminated through the internet, the advent of national fibre networks with a single choke point wil make this a lot easier
  4. Corporations will deploy their line of business applications via the cloud to desktop and mobile. The'll be happy with the cost savings and improved security and this removes the second major market for open personal computers
So what price engineering expertise and personal liberty?