I recently migrated this blog from Wordpress.com to the Octopress blogging engine with the result hosted GitHub Pages.

The process s pretty well documented, but I thought I would pull it all together in one place. I’m using a Mac OS X with homebrew already installed.

  1. Install Ruby as described by Christopher Kaukis
  2. Install Jykell as described here and create a new blog. NB This will only be used for the migration.
  3. Install the migration tool by following these instructions, but note that I had to install using the --per option.
  4. Export your Wordpress blog to an XML file using the tools menu on Wordpress.com
  5. Contime to follow the Jeykell migration instructions to import your Wordpress data into the temporary blog
  6. Follow the instructions to install Octopress and create an empty Octopress blog – this will be your final blog.
  7. Now from the temporary blog directory copy the cotents of the directores of _posts, _attachements and _pages to the corresponding directoires which are located inside the source directory in your Octopress blog
  8. Now deploy the blog as per the instructions in the Octopress documentation.